What’s New In Version 8.0.2
Released June 5, 2017
• Fixed issue when changing keystrokes in preferences.
• Consistent palette background when changing color themes in QuarkXPress.

What’s New In Version 8.0.1
Released May 26, 2017
• Fixed issue with Add Guide at Baseline.
• New options for adding guides at sides of current text box.

What’s New In Version 8.0.0 for QuarkXPress 2017
Released May 22, 2017
• New document picture list with 5 columns, includes page number and link status
• List can be sorted by any image attribute, in ascending or descending order
• Custom column to display size, model, format, resolution, profile, dimensions or modified date
• New, easier to use installer
• Full compatibility with QuarkXPress 2017
• Several improvements and fixes.
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