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FullMeasure 7 for QuarkXPress 2015/2016
What’s New
Version 7.0.3  Released September 24, 2015
- Solved crash on OS 10.9 when quitting QuarkXPress
- Improved “Fit box width+height to text” performance
- Settings in the “Prefs” panel are now remembered when relaunching QuarkXPress
- Solved issues when using keystrokes while the “Text” panel was open
- Several other bug fixes.
Version 7.0.0  Released May 20, 2015
- 64-bit performance
- Increased speed and reliability
- New code to support 64-bit architecture
- Full compatibility with QuarkXPress 2015

Version 7.1.0  Released March 23, 2016
- Support for upcoming QuarkXPress 2016
- Added text fields for table rows and columns in Box panel
- New button to minimize palette
- New preferences to assign keystrokes to text tools and case conversions
- Picture status is now updated in real time after a picture has been edited
- Bigger picture preview in Picture panel, and new layout
- Preview of missing images is now shown in the Pictures panel
- FullMeasure no longer closes when hitting Command-W or Escape keys
- Fixed crash when opening palette with the Box panel selected
- Fixed issue of nudge amount not saving and reverting to 1pt.
Version 7.1.1  Released March 7, 2017
- Solved potential crash while opening documents with the FullMeasure palette open.
- Picture boxes containing missing images within a group can now be correctly selected.