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 The All-In-One Measurements Tool.
FullMeasure is a powerful control palette that gives you instant access to more than 160 functions, attributes and tools right at your fingertips. The FullMeasure strip is organized into 12 panels that comprise text and paragraph formats, rule settings, picture information, item and frame settings, document preferences, table functions, guide management, item alignments, search tools and value conversions.
Complete Picture Info and Linking Tools
The Picture panel of FullMeasure gives you these attributes: picture name and full path, reveal picture/folder in Finder, edit original with creator or any application you choose, file size, color model, format, picture compression, picture suppression, resolution and effective resolution, update picture, link status, embedded EPS fonts/colors. FullMeasure also allows you to update all modified pictures in one single step.
Text and Paragraph Tools
Redefine Style Sheet: Redefines the current style sheet incorporating local formats.
Remove Local Formats: Reverts para/char settings to those specified by the style sheet.
Case Conversions: Sentence Case, Title Case, Lowercase, Uppercase.
Fit Box to Text: Shortens or expands the text box to fit tight to the text inside.
Add Guide at Baseline: Adds a page guide along the baseline of the selected text.
Text Count: Displays number of selected characters, words and paragraphs.
Reference Points and Nudge Controls
FullMeasure’s reference points allow you to specify item coordinates and dimensions relative to any side of the item (top-right of the box, center, etc.). You also have nudge buttons for moving items up/down/left/right by any custom amount that you specify.
Smart Find Panel
The Find panel of FullMeasure lets you search for more than 50 box attributes like background color, dimensions, suppression, opacity, frame style, empty boxes, picture resolution, color model, picture status and more. And you can use conditionals such as “is”, “is not”, and “is greater than”.
Other FullMeasure Features
• Keyboard Shortcuts: shortcuts for several FullMeasure functions.
• Up/Down Controls: allows you to increase/decrease any field value using Up/Down buttons.
• Rules Panel: allows you to set paragraph rules and modify all settings.
• Table Panel: allows you to quickly access common table functions.
• Convert Measurements Between Units: allows you to convert measurements between inches, picas, points, millimeters, centimeters, ciceros, agates and pixels.
• Guide Placement: allows you to view the exact position of all horizontal and vertical guides.
• Delete All Guides: deletes all horizontal or vertical guides at once.
• Step and Repeat Guides: allows you to place guides numerically. You can also step and repeat guides.
• Add Custom Views: allows you to save any document view.
FullMeasure for QuarkXPress 9

Version 5.5.1 – Jan 16, 2012
- The problem with the nudge amount is now fixed.
- Compatibility with QuarkXPress 9.2.

Version 5.5 – Apr 5, 2011
- Full compatibility with QuarkXPress 9.
- Other fixes and improvements.
System Requirements
Version 5.01 for QuarkXPress 8:
- QuarkXPress 8.x
- Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, or 10.6 Snow Leopard
Version 5.5.1 for QuarkXPress 9:
- QuarkXPress 9.2 or later
- Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, or 10.7 Lion
- Intel processor
Also available for QuarkXPress 4, 5, 6 and 7.
Activation of the software requires an internet connection.
Refer to the user guides provided with the download for complete specifications and system requirements.
Not available for Windows. 
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What’s New. The Latest Updates
FullMeasure for QuarkXPress 8

Version 5.01 - Sep 8, 2009
- Added QuarkXPress 8.1 compatibility.

Version 5.0 – Apr 29, 2009
- QuarkXPress 8-native.
- Improved Picture panel to support more file formats.
- Several improvements.