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Picture Panel
Complete Picture Reporting.
The picture panel of FullMeasure gives you full access to detailed image information: name and thumbnail, full path, reveal picture or enclosing folder in Finder, status, file size, date modified, color model, format, color profile, resolution/effective resolution, and dimensions.
You can open the picture with any application that you choose or with the default application, update all modified pictures in one single step, and relink the currently selected image.
As an added bonus, you can quickly navigate through all the images within the document, so you can browse pictures and get detailed info at the same time.
Text Panel
Text Count and Tools for Pros.
Complete count of characters, words, paragraphs and lines for the selection, box, story, entire layout, or project. You also have options for suppressing spaces and return characters in the count.
Time-saving tools include: fit box height or width to text (expands or contracts the text box to fix exactly the text), resize text to fit box (increases or decreases the text size to fit the box), add guide at baseline (adds a page guide exactly where the baseline of the text is), change all box insets (changes all boxes insets to a given amount), and remove double spaces, returns or tabs from selection.
Insert special text: current date, current time, layout or project name, enclosing folder, and user name.
Export text as RTF, MS Word, HTML, plain text or email, with the option to automatically open the exported files.
Resize Text to Fit Box
Fit Box Width to Text
Box Panel
Reference Points, Nudge Controls, and Smart Item Find.
FullMeasure’s reference points allow you to specify item coordinates and box dimensions relative to any side of the item (top-right of the box, center, etc.). Once a reference point is specified, changing the X/Y coordinate, or its width/height, will be performed relative to that reference point.
You also have nudge buttons for moving items up/down/left/right by any custom amount that you specify, including several common presets.
The smart item Find feature of FullMeasure lets you search for empty boxes, missing or modified images, suppressed boxes, boxes with overflow text, RGB or CMYK images, and boxes in pasteboard.
Document Panel
Document and Layout Information.
The Document panel of FullMeasure shows you detailed info about the current project and layout. Full path, size, creation and modified dates, page dimensions, version of QuarkXPress that created and saved the document, and more.
From this panel, you can also reveal the project or any of its enclosing folders in the Finder, edit the layout name, quickly change horizontal and vertical measurements, view and remove guides, use preset views, or zoom in and out the document view using a convenient slider.
The panels of FullMeasure are also context-sensitive, meaning that they change automatically according to the currently selected object in your document.
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System Requirements
- Version 7.1.1 for QuarkXPress 2015/2016:
QuarkXPress 2015 or 2016, OS X 10.9 or newer; 64-Bit processor.
Also available for QuarkXPress 10, 9 and older.
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